The support and advice to the Committee of Experts in Afghanistan

Cooperation, generally, in the development of it, especially through counseling and support movements and civic associations as required

The study of Afghan society and its history, uses, constumbres and other factors that influence the formation thereof

The study of internal and external factors, especially those related to the conflict, which promote peace or conflict generated in this company and the opportunities removal from the development of the company

The dissemination of information about the company and Afghan culture

Other related society and Algana crest and environment


AECAF is an association, nonprofit, incorporated by expert personnel in matters of Afghanistan and Central Asia area, listed on the National Register of Associations under number 605 572.



Meetings and interviews with individuals and social groups

International seminars and conferences, national and

Generation of various types of discussion forums

Studies and research on various aspects of Afghan society

Publications in various media and telematic broadcasts or through mcs

Other activities of dialogue and dissemination of academic and several liability